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I want you to get passionate about life.  I’m on a mission to inspire you to live your fullest life with health and vitality through the wisdom of Ayurveda and Moon Cycle Alignment, the magic of herbal medicine, and the vibrancy of dance.  My workshops and programs are structured to give you an opportunity to get to know yourself better and make step by step changes in your life that add up to big change overtime.

I am a registered clinical herbalist, a mom of 3, and the founder of Dance Bollywood, a dance school that bases it’s curriculum on personal growth.  I am an influencer on Amazon where you can find all my favourite books, herbs, and clean living products.

After spending 3 years working as a model and actress, living in Bollywood (Mumbai, India), I choose to take a different career path.  I pursued my MBA and landed a dream job with Disney ABC in London, England.  As an executive in International Strategy I got to travel often and hang out with some really cool people. 

Sounds perfect right? 

But something was missing and when something’s missing, when our vibration is off and we’re misaligned, it manifests into our life as physical ailments.  

After hitting rock bottom, health wise and emotionally, I realized that health and healing is about alignment of mind, body, and soul.  It’s about living an authentic life filled with fun, courage, and adventure.  

I’m here to share my journey and inspire you to create the life you’ve always wanted, one that is lived on your own terms and filled with abundance.  If you’re ready to clean up your life, nourish your mind, body, and soul then join our community, say hi on social, and come out and connect with me at a workshop!



PS Reenee is a clinical herbalist, certified by the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto and registered with the Ontario Herbalist Association.  She holds her MBA from York University and her BMath from the University of Waterloo.



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