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Know Your Flow: Connect with Your Cycle and Activate Your Divine Feminine

When you flow with your cycle, everything changes...

  •  When your self-care rituals flow with your cycle, you have painless periods

  •  When you eat in flow with your cycle pms and bloating become a thing of the past

  • When you create daily routines in flow with your cycle you feel energized and become efficient

  •  When you tune into the wisdom of your cycle you find purpose and alignment


In this 6 module online course you'll:

  • Nourish yourself according to the phase of your cycle to feel confident and grounded in your body all the time

  • Create the right routine for your cycle so you don’t feel drained and low on energy

  • Identify your cycle cheat days so that you can indulge without consequence 

What People Are Saying:

Reenee is the first person to pinpoint and help me holistically explore, heal and uncover my unique power as a woman. She helps women and girls be in tune with themselves through a new, deep and enlightening perspective on their life and well-being.


...learning about the moon cycle have given me so much insight into my own well-being. I started charting my month - looking forward to decipher and have a better understanding of the cyclical nature of my being! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!πŸ™πŸ’“


Reenee eminates wisdom and compassion and I am so grateful for the valuable and personalized information she shared in her workshop. I hope her message spreads far and wide.