Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m writing this letter to you because I have some game changing wisdom that I’m guided to share with you. This is something that has transformed my life, and that of women around the world.  

So if you’re a woman who’s struggled with chronic fatigue, low energy and exhaustion

Or you feel like you can’t see a solution for how tired you’re feeling, but you know that you can feel so much more vibrant…. 

Then this is the most essential message you’ll hear.  

Here’s Why…..

Your body has an innate wisdom that is guiding you to a life of flow and ease...

A life where you feel energized and nourished…. 

My name is Reenee Khanna, I’m a clinical herbalist and purveyor of ancient wisdom and medicine.  

Over the last six years, I’ve been using this knowledge to help women around the world battle exhaustion and chronic fatigue.  And they've also overcome physical limitations such as food intolerances, phantom pains, headaches, and anxiety!  

Personally, I’ve used this wisdom to go from doctors telling me to give up my passion for dance due to knee problems..... to today running my own dance school and teaching 8 hours a week.  

I went from experiencing exhaustion, anxiety, PTSD, nightmares and panic attacks... to a higher vibration of peace and love… 

And, I’m on a mission to spread this wisdom to women around the world. 

But it wasn’t always this way.… 

Before I embarked on this journey I was working an intense job as a Disney Exec.  I was in a toxic marriage that forced me to leave my career to stay home and raise 3 kids.  

I was feeling exhausted all the time, which was manifesting into panic and anxiety, pain in the body, and infections.

I was visiting doctors and getting prescription after prescription.  And then more pills to mitigate the side-effects of the pills.  

And I was feeling unseen by the medical world.  I was feeling misunderstood, not just by doctors, but by myself.  

I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  

I knew something had to change.

I recall entering the world of holistic healing, supplements and superfoods…..  which turned out to be even more exhausting than the fatigue I was already feeling.

You know what I’m talking about?

Have you ever felt like there’s a host of superfoods and supplements out there, you’re trying them all and still feel chronically fatigued?

That everyone  is giving you advice and guidance on how you can feel more energized, but nothing seems to be working for you?

That there are so many spiritual gurus with wonderful hypothetical but not practical advice?

You aren’t the only one feeling this way.

So many women come to me feeling overwhelmed with information about how to feel more energized

But once they learn the wisdom of Ayurveda and Moon Cycle Alignment all that changes.

Because it advocates that there is no one size fits all solution to health…. And that wellness is about self-discovery and alignment, not about treating illness.

There is no more guessing what is best to get you feeling more energetic, no more band-aid solutions  to your chronic fatigue.

 You get to the root cause of your exhaustion.  

You level up your well being, by knowing exactly who you are and what will energize and nourish you.

As I was levelling up, I was realizing that there is an inner wisdom that guides me.  The fatigue and pain I was feeling were messages from my body to do things different. 

I was learning that emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well being are intertwined. Each one influences the other.  

Which meant my toxic relationship was contributing to my health issues….  

As a stay-at-home with no income, leaving my marriage was no easy decision.

I found myself back in school for herbalism, while launching my own dance school, raising 3 kids and working part time.  

Sounds like a lot to do at once right?

Well, what would have exhausted me in the past felt so easy and effortless... best of all I was having fun every step of the way! 

All thanks to the magic of this ancient knowledge and my inner wisdom.

I wasn’t feeling any fatigue or exhaustion.  

Instead I was feeling confident and powerful in my Goddess energy.  

And I was becoming aware of who I am and things started to flow with ease.

Knowing ourself is the KEY step that is missing in every other solution I tried.


The truth is, it’s a process and we start building back our energy one step at a time.

Things like:

Discovering the right superfoods, exercises, and supplements for your unique body type to get the biggest energy boost you can

Knowing and setting your boundaries so you aren’t feeling drained by your relationships

Getting to the root cause of your fatigue so that it doesn’t manifest into physical pain and you aren’t wasting your time and energy on solutions that don’t work

Vibing in a flow where things just serendipitously work out without much effort or work, like always finding the best parking spot, or running into that friend you were just thinking about.

Getting more done while doing less. Knowing how to align instead of hustle so you aren’t spinning your wheels and wearing yourself out

Feeling driven in a sense of purpose that will leave you energized from the inside out.  The kind of energized that makes you want to jump out of bed every morning 

Sounds like a lot right?!?!

I know it is because I was there, but I was navigating through fragmented bits of information and ideas.  

I was seeing all sorts of healers, shamans, and practitioners….. 

I was spending time reading all sorts of books and watching documentaries.

And I was buying and trying all sorts of herbs and supplements… 

All of which cost me a whole lot of money and precious energy.  

If this sounds like you, I can tell you I was EXACTLY in your shoes…. 

But then I realized all I had to do was pull back, stop and get to know myself and my body first.  

The wisdom of Ayurveda and Moon Cycle alignment was game changing

It was giving me a way to easily identify what nourishes my well being and energizes me.  

It was allowing me to make choices and small changes that were having a HUGE impact on my energy levels  

I was identifying my needs and setting boundaries accordingly, no more saying yes when I meant to say no

I was becoming aware of the root cause of my pain.  I was tackling it in a way no prescription every could - through simple changes in my daily choices.

I was opening up my heart to rekindle my passion for dance without any struggles or knee pain

I was instinctively identifying the best foods to order in a restaurant because I knew my body type 

My PMS symptoms were disappearing…..

and I WAS SLEEPING SOUND through the night, ready to jump out of bed the next day!

I was tuning into the wisdom of my body, to feel a vibrancy that I hadn’t felt in years

And when I started sharing this method with clients, here’s what they were saying about it: 

"what you have created and are working towards is truly special and you will achieve your goal to reaching thousands / millions of women around the world. I really believe in your work and the insight is soo valuable!”

“this was phenomenal, thank you Reenee, you are an amazing teacher!!”

"From the heart I wish (you) that every woman and human who needs your gifts on their Divine Path to be able to see you and hear about you and come to you for guidance.”

“Reenee is the first person to pin point and help me holistically explore, heal, and uncover my unique power as a woman. She helps women and girls be in tune with themselves through a new, deep, and enlightening perspective on their life and well-being.”

Well-being is a whole new game when you have a blueprint that is designed for your unique self

And that’s why I want to share this wisdom with you……


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